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  • From real clients, from their real experiences!

    The Digital Cosmetic Surgery DVD has greatly improved my Photoshop abilities.
    The tutorials guide you through the process from start to finish, and the image files allow you to follow along with the tutorials to really get the feel of what is happening. I’m very happy with it.
    Joe Russo
    Baltimore, USA

    “Shane, Yes I am only too pleased to tell everyone out there that your tutorials are probably some of the very best on internet, conscise, easy to understand and often subjects that we are wondering about.

    I am on the Gold Coast not far from you so the very best for the future and keep up the good work.”

    Anne Brooker,

    Instead of my photo will enclose one of my digital paintings.



    You have the greatest tutorials I have used. I guess my favorite is the paint black and white pictures. WOW! it is fantastic and very easy to follow.

    Lee Trower
    Owasso, Oklahoma


    “Shane, I have been and continue to use your two CDs, 78 Amazing Video Tutorials and Digital Cosmetic Surgery, on a daily basis.

    They are extremely helpful, very interactive and have provided me with essential help on all of my photography.

    I utilize your email training/tutorials videos and I am always interested in learning the hidden goodies you point out in the Photoshop programs. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with users like me, who value this assistance“.

    Ted Downing

    Sarasota, Florida USA



    This is the best Photoshop instruction I’ve found and I have done lots of workshops–even a 5-day Digital Media Academy by Stanford University at a big price.

    Your tutorials are better.

    Jeanne Urbanek


    I have purchased 5 of Shane’s (PhotoshopZoo) DVD’s and they are a fantastic resource!!

    It is so good to have these excellent tutorials so readily available to prod/help any fading (or faded) memory of photoshop techniques.

    Thank you Shane.”

    John Hart
    , Australia


    Great tutorials! I have worked with Photoshop for years but it’s amazing what tips you can pick up.

    For instance, I never knew the crop tool could expand the picture area (Shane’s example of adding a title to a studio print). How simple! I’ve always resized the canvas through the drop down menu, what a waste of time!”

    Thanks again,
    Mark Hemsley
    Photographer & Photo Editor


    “Hi Shane —

    Your video training is the best and easiest to use of the many I have tried over the years. I very much appreciate the little “mini-trainings” which you email — it is just right for a break from a busy day to learn something new! Of course the full DVD’s are also very good and very clear.”

    Linda Russell
    Rawlins, WY, USA


    “Shane, I am very pleased with each and every tutorial I tried during the last week to ten days with each email arrival.

    I followed through with practice pictures on my own body of work (photos). I wish to use this opportunity and thank you for your candid approach and straight forward tutorials.

    I have learned finally how to apply and use the quick mask technique to improve, change and work around fixing problem areas in photographs. It was revelation for me in the last few days.

    I am a photographer mostly in art photography emigrated from the chemical dark room into digital image processing only three or four years ago now I am completely relying on my skills in Photoshop for all of my image processing workflow.

    I used the darkroom facility for 30 years and now I am sitting in front of my computer reading how to books on Photoshop usage I am 70 years old living and working in ISRAEL. I’m so glad I found your site.

    I wish to thank much for your work, approach and tutorials, they are wonderful, thanks again.”

    Thanks again,
    Zeev Deckel

    Professional Photographer



    Thanks very much for the easy to follow tutorial videos you have been posting lately. I have bought Elements 8, and am learning from those same videos. Your PhotoshopZoo tutorials are some of the easiest I have found that helps me learn. I have owned Elements 4, and never got my head around how to use it, but with your tutorials, I am now learning Photoshop Elements 8.

    Thanks from Paulette In New Zealand.”


    “Hi Shane,

    Firstly let me congratulate you for ‘Photoshop for Photographers Book‘, I am a working Professional Freelance Photographer running my own business and have done so for the past 16 years.

    I have Photographed Weddings, Sporting events, Real estate, as a pupil of film I stayed away from Digital until 4 years ago, then the switch.

    Well let me say the transformation to digital was nothing less than fantastic. although trying to find out the simple methods of Color Correcting and the short cuts that you have provided in your CD’s and book. I discovered that all my enquires led me to long winded explanations and then the head started to spin.

    Well along came my savior, you guessed Shane Goldberg and your solution to digital photo editing online. I have downloaded your book in hard copy for my easy reference.

    My suggestion to any Photographer or Color correction expert out there… Obtain a copy or go online the information that Shane is providing will prove to be the most valuable information you will ever get!

    Shane keep up the great work and I look forward to more tutorials.” Sincerely yours
    Graham Guy
    Graham Guy Photography
    Victoria, Australia


    Shane, I find the best way to convey a concept or process is to “keep it simple”. And with a program like Adobe Photoshop, if you want to learn and remember the almost unlimited ways of creating your final project, it’s best to do this with simple, easy to remember steps.

    I want to thank you Shane for taking the time and energy by helping each one of us accomplish these steps.

    I own many of your “How-to” CDs, such as “Web Graphics” and “Photoshop for Photographers”, and I continue to hone my skills as a member of Photoshopzoo.com. I appreciate the convenience of “looking back” at a previous online lesson to refresh my memory on specific steps or getting ideas on streamlining a process to help me meet a deadline.

    Thanks for the recent emails offering folks the free “How-to” videos. I know that I can see these with my membership account, but it’s nice to have specific videos brought to the forefront as reminders on all that’s available at Photoshopzoo.com.
    Even though other websites may offer similar training, I appreciate the “simple steps” process that you use and especially the feeling that I am listening to someone who truly wants your listeners to succeed.

    I also enjoy your posts on Facebook, especially the most recent “heads-up” post about the free online “Dropbox” program. I use it daily as well as have encouraged others to use it.

    Again, thank you for keeping it simple and also making it fun.
    Keep up the great work! I know that it’s hard work and time consuming, but there are many of us “out there” that truly appreciate the time you take to share your knowledge.

    Your Photoshop apprentice,

    Don Catlett
    Pennsylvania, U.S.A.



    I really like Photoshopzoo.com and all your tutorials. They have helped me in many occasions. Photoshop is so immense and offers so many ways to do things it is almost impossible to figure out the fastest or easiest way myself.

    Fortunately you have already done that for me. This shows one of the great things about the web. Can you imagine having to visit you from Holland each time I need some help? So I gladly look forward to new stuff on the site and hope you will keep up the good work for a long, long time.

    Cheers from the Netherlands,
    (or should that be Upperlands for you guys down under?)



    “Working from home in a 1 person business, makes Shane’s videos a great quick way to keep up with design hints and tricks.

    I love to watch the videos with my morning coffee and find that I always pick up something useful.”

    Keith Schekelhoff
    Updated Printing Specialties
    Plantation Florida, USA


    “Shane, I always find your tutorials easy to follow and the results that I have achieved out of them are now pushing me to new heights. My wedding photo coverage and the output I put to them, the outlines, dropshadows etc leave my customers yearning for more because they at least have something unique.

    And because I can get back to the DVD each time I want to perfect something as I continue to impress my customers like a real pro.

    I hadn’t attended any Photoshop class before you came along but I can proudly say I have learned a lot from your cheap, short and informative tutorials and looking foward to learning even more from you. Thanks for the great work.

    Michael Nsubuga
    Professional Photographer


    Shane, you are doing a great job with this site! I am sending you a self portrait!

    Have a great day and all the best!”

    Lucian Olteanu
    Bucharest, Romania


    “Hi Shane, PhotoshopZoo.com is an amazing, fun and easy to use resource.
    Thank you”

    Rachael Miller,


    Hi Shane,

    I have the Digital Surgery CD and really enjoyed it.  Pretty neat that you can do all that stuff, and I never even have the version of Photoshop you use.

    I really look forward to getting Photoshop Zoo every morning. It’s neat being able to learn something new every day, and also a fun way to start the day.  Plus with it being a video clip I can sit back and drink my coffee while learning.

    — Larry Maturo

    “Well what can I say…indeed a great learning tool and package and makes the challenge of learning Photoshop a rewarding experience. Keep up the excellent work.”

    Michel Camilleri


    “Hi Shane,

    “It’s a bright, beautiful Fall day here in Northern California.

    “I’m a little tired though, after staying up all night reading your GREAT ebook.

    “Thank you for all your insight into the complicated world of Photoshop. You make learning all of the necessary things FUN, and interesting.

    “I appreciate, and respect your knowledge, and always look forward to learning something new through the eyes of Shane Goldberg!”


    Barbara Littlefield
    Santa Cruz. California USA


    “Hi Shane, Your new book is fantastic. Even after attending a Photoshop class at the local university, this book is much more practical, useful and, by far, much easier to understand. Not to mention that your price is less than one fourth the price of the class.

    Being a bit technologically challenged and using my first DSLR camera, I needed help with Photoshop in a big way. Your book is by far the best I’ve read.

    Also, the interesting way you have put together the tips and tutorials and pictures make everything fun. The best part is that even at my age of 64 years, I can understand all that you have written.”

    Many thanks and best wishes,
    Tom Blizzard, retired math teacher
    Florida, USA


    “Hi Shane,

    “Thanks for the great Photoshop Book. Always available to refer back to, unlike Seminars and expensive courses which are great on the day, but when you come home – forgotten (except how much I paid).

    “The tutorials you provide are easy to follow, simple, yet complete and are always there when I need them.

    “Keep up the good work and keep the cool tutorials coming.”


    Craig White
    Professional Photographer, Australia


    “Hello Shane

    I would want you to know that I enjoyed your tutorials and learned a lot. I am 69 years old and over the years tried other avenues to learn Photo Shop but they were a sad comparison to your tutorials.

    Thank you”
    Bob Grant – USA


    “Hi Shane

    Your site is great and the tutorials are so easy to follow, you’ve taught me a lot about photoshop which I’ve been able to pass on to my high school students. Keep doing what you guys are doing!

    Nicola Gower – Australia


    “Hi Shane,

    Since finding your site I cannot tell you how many hours of enjoyment you have given me by being able to work on my photos, I must have spent a small fortune on books and was even the oldest student at the tech collage at 69, all with only limited success.

    I am far from being a guru, but with your easy way of working around Photoshop and getting results that are great in my eyes, Even my grandkids think I am cool and that’s a bonus on its own,

    Thanks again Shane
    Cheers Trevor Storr
    New Zealand


    “My work is based on the art of photography and I interpret my images onto large format printing using the giclee process. I work with digital and film and use Photoshop to enhance the images.

    The information is invaluable. Thank you for taking the frustration out of Photoshop. It’s professionally put together with it’s easy to follow demonstration.

    This has made a huge impact to my work.

    Keep up the good work.

    Christina Calathas



    Hi Shane,

    I think I’m one of yours oldest clients, and in that long time all I want is to thank you for the great videos tutorials that helped me through my Photoshop learning, because despite my low experience in graphic design I was able to manage Photoshop really well.

    All I wanted was to learn Photoshop in a fun way not related to work or something, and I got that in your videos.

    Very Grateful

    Henrique L. Konishi
    SP, Brasil

    P.S.: Excuse me for my bad English. (You should give English classes, I really would learn a lot).


    “Hi Shane, I just want to say a BIG Thank You.

    I couldn’t wait to start working on my pictures, and the instructions were clearly explained and very easy to follow.

    I couldn’t believe how easy it was to fix some of my pictures, before I could only do the basic editing, fix lighting, colour corrections ect. but now I want to experiment more, thanks to you.

    Some of the things you teach I have always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start, for instance, putting a picture inside text.

    Normally books and online tutorials are too expensive but you have given me the chance to now work on my pictures and not be afraid to go one step further.

    You have made me very happy!

    Kathy Purcell
    Murray Bridge
    South Australia



    “…I don’t know what to say other than ‘Wow’ Shane!

    I love your latest tutorial on web graphics.

    You have the ability on all your lessons to make an ametuer feel like a seasoned pro (and a damn good one at that!).

    They are always fun, practical, informative, and just plain mind blowing! As I watch your tutorials, I follow along and do everything in PhotoShop myself.

    At the end, I’m left speechless when I see what I (we) have created! Huge thanks again. “

    Cindy – Australia




    First of all thank you so much for responding so quickly regarding my query on “dropped shadows: your advice worked.

    Regarding your video tutorials. I am a professional photographer working in Ireland.

    I have attended many workshops on photoshop given by visiting speakers from U.K., U.S.A., Europe etc. I will not be attending anymore.

    Thankyou for taking the mystery out of photoshop. I had not intended going into the tutorial on ‘Cropping’ I knew all and what was there to learn, it is so straightforward. Was I so wrong. My method was so more complicated.

    The same applied to ‘Selection secrets’. In fact every tutorial I opened I learned invaluable information.

    You deserve great support and the ingenius idea of video format is the winner. By the time I finish work in the evening and then attend to my own life I end up falling asleep with the photoshop manual in my hand. All I need now is another few hours in each day….which I entend finding.

    Cannot wait to practice, practice, practice.”

    Renewed thanks,
    Mary Ruane Brogan, Ireland

    Award Winning Photographer


    kimberly morand

    “SELDOM in the age of digital do we ever find excess time on hand — As a professional photographer I spend countless hours working with Photoshop, and Luckily “ProPhotoSecrets” helps streamline that time.

    The site is easy to use and the tutorials are wonderful…of course, my level of experience often requires more in depth content, but I can already say the information I have read or downloaded has been GREATLY USEFUL and saved me much TIME (which is a rare commodity these days).

    The site design is professional and easy to navigate with the added bonus of helpful/useful “links” – but I am most fond of the “Video Tutorials” because like many of us, visual learning in this fashion truly helps the information stick.”

    New Orleans, USA



    “Hi Shane

    Just wanted to give you some feedback on your tutorials.

    “As a professional photographer I felt the need to master Photoshop.

    I have spent a small fortune on videos, books and other training programs, however I have learnt more in the last 3 weeks from Shane’s site Prophotosecrets.com than in the previous 3 months.

    Shane’s method of teaching is very clear and easy to learn.” Well done Shane!”

    Kind regards
    John Miner
    Creative Photographer


    Hi Shane,

    I just wanted to write a quick note telling you how helpful your site, PhotoshopZoo.com, has been as I built and continue to build my ‘side’ career as a professional photographer. It is a huge advantage to a photographer to have the basic photo editing skills that can quickly be learned on your site.

    Almost every picture that I deliver to a client has had some Photoshop improvements. The shots taken with quality equipment under good lighting conditions don’t need much work but there is always things that can be improved like crop, composition, color correction etc.

    I have a lot to learn yet but thanks to your great lessons I’m off to a solid start!

    I’ve attached a before and after of a picture that has been a commercial success, used in this businesses commercial ads.

    Thank you!!
    Kevin Harrington – USA

    before and after




    Wanted to say you are fantastic.

    I have the big user guide but for me hands on which you provide is just what the doctor ordered.

    I have tried and tried to find something I could understand and you are already doing it.

    I wanted to understand the tools and terms and tried doing it myself but again as I said, I am a hands on person and need another person to guide me because reading does not do enough for me. Your great.

    You are the Best out there.”

    Thank you so very Much.

    Suzy in Austria
    Digital Photography Enthusiast